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We, t he people of Texas, call upon the Texas House State Affairs Committee to support legislation that will allow all Texans to have access to a driver’s permit.

Over the past 10 months, Texans from across the entire state have come together to support each other and make sure that their communities can weather the pandemic. Now more than ever, we need to make sure all Texans are able to care for themselves and each other, and stay safe on the roads.

A conditional driver’s permit will facilitate a broader group of individuals to access the ability to drive legally with proper training and financial responsibility. Undocumented immigrants, people experiencing homelessness, survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, people displaced by natural disasters, and those formerly incarcerated, and others who have difficulty fulfilling the drivers license requirements will benefit from a driving permit, making our roads safer and all Texans feel more secure. 

Reducing barriers to safe driving by increasing access to driver’s permits is a win for all Texans!

A driving permit in Texas will:

W e urge members of the State Affairs Committee to support the passage of HB 1058 and SB 607.

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